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Architectural Master Student Project Published on KooZA/rch

[2017-11-16] Mater student Maïté Biechy at UMA has been published on KooZA/rch with her project about the unsustainable situation on the Baltic Sea. The site publishes selected projects that explore and challenge the role of the architectural drawing in contemporary practice.

Maïté Biechy uses comic strips in her project.

In the project proposition Maïté Biechy is playing with the reception and flexibility of it being viewed as a utopian fiction or as a necessary reality. She uses comic strips to discuss the irony of the official actors’ statements to propose a collaboration to reach the claimed common goals.

The proposition is communicated to the EU in an open letter website:

In the interview on KooZA/rch she describes how she at UMA has learnt how to combine two ways of thinking. The first being to work with abstract and conceptual ideas and the second being to confront reality in a radical way by going out of the school. She says that the paradox of combining these two ways of thinking in this very fictive project is that she have never before felt so anchored in her ability to act in the real world.

More about the project:


Open letter website to EU:

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