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Grand finissage when Bildmuseet leaves Gammlia

[2011-11-14] Before moving to the new museum building situated on Umeå Arts Campus, Bildmuseet will hold a finissage on Sunday 20 November. To mark this special occasion, the last day the museum will be open at its current location at Gammlia, Bildmuseet is organizing mingling, art, music and performances in different parts of the building.

The following artists will participate in the finnisage: Appendix, Frida Selander, Gabriel Bohm Calles, Gille & Felix (Jonas Holmberg), Ida Hansson and Johanna Hästö.

Bildmuseet has been located at Gammlia in Umeå for 30 years. It has hosted more than 400 exhibitions and invited the general public to thousands of events, performances and lectures. Bildmuseet has been an essential part of the town’s cultural life, a public meeting place and a self-evident tourist attraction. The museum has every right to be proud of its history!

The finissage will be a grand finale filled with new experiences, meetings and reunions. Coffee and cake will be served in the room with the Bildmuseet 30 år! exhibition of posters and there will be a poster workshop in the adjacent exhibition hall. Visitors will also have a last opportunity to see the exhibition Tracey Rose: Waiting for God.


Open Close Me Up, performances by Johanna Hästö at different times and places during the day
13.00 Guided tour of the exhibition Tracey Rose: Waiting for God
13.30 Appendix
14.00 Museum Director Katarina Pierre
14.20 It's a Sin, performance by Ida Hansson
14.40 Gilles & Felix, performance by Jonas Holmberg
15.10 Frida Selander
15.40 Performance by Gabriel Bohm Calles
16.30 The Bildmuseet sign is taken down

Bildmuseet, Umeå University’s museum, is a public space for contemporary art and visual culture. The museum exhibits international and Swedish art together with other expressions of visual culture, combining contemporary and retrospect perspectives. Lectures, debates, films, presentations of artists, concerts, dance performances and seminars complement and add depth to the exhibits. Over the years, Bildmuseet has established itself as one of Sweden’s most interesting venues for art and visual culture.

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