Art Friday and opening!

Date: 2018-10-12
Time: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Bildmuseet
The event is for: students - anyone - employees

Art Friday with exhibition opening, DJ and bar. Welcome to the opening of a new exhibition this Friday evening: William Kentridge / The Refusal of Time. Exhibitions, museum shop and bar/restaurant are open until 21:00. The bar opens at 17:00. Free admission.

The bar opens at 17:00, opening talks in the new exhibition at third floor at 19:00, a public Skype talk between guest curator Ariane Koek, on site at Bildmuseet, and physisist and science historian Peter Galison, Harvard University. Welcome!

The Refusal of Time is an evocative meditation on the nature of time. With allusions to Einstein's theory of relativity, to space travel, Plato's Cave and silent movies, William Kentridge has created a touching and imaginative narrative on how we comprehend time. Can we ever truly understand the passing of time in a world in a state of constant flux?

The Refusal of Time grew out of conversations with Harvard physicist and science historian Peter Galison and encompasses Kentridge’s wide range of artistic practices and visual motifs. Music and soundscape: Philip Miller. Video editing: Catherine Meyburgh.

William Kentridge (b. 1955, South Africa) is based in Johannesburg and is considered to be one of the world's most significant living artists. Kentridge has exhibited at major international art museums and biennials the world over, and his works often reflects upon the effects and aftermaths of apartheid and colonization.

The Refusal of Time represents a first part of the exhibition Entangle / Physics and the Artistic Imagination, which opens on November 16.

Bildmuseet is open all of Friday as usual, but the evening programme starts at 17:00. The Art Friday is open until 21:00, and if you want to continue the evening it is a short walk to Umeå's nightlife. Welcome! 

Organizer: Bildmuseet
Contact person: Bildmuseet
Phone: 0907867400
Event type: Other
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