Masters Fall Exhibitions

Datum: 2017-11-16—2017-11-24
Plats: Konsthögskolans galleri, Östra Strandgatan 32
Evenemanget vänder sig till: studenter - allmänheten - anställda

Micaela Cignozzi and Frederico de Oliveira join together in what is the third and last Master programme exhibition of this fall.


While Micaela focuses on painting, Frederico works with assemblage of found materials.


Micaela’s painting consist of a fictional grid-like structure that represents a changing abstract nature.

As one season shifts to another, colours intensify in order to break down slowly. Nature is built upon repetition and strives for symmetry therefore the paintings consist of an underlying system which multiplies and mirrors itself on the canvas. with the golden green which represents the chlorophyll and dark violet which complements the golden green and is also a common colour in nature. The dislocation of both creates another colour which also imparts a sense of nature. Each part is individually painted creating a feeling of uniqueness to balance with the fixed pattern. The panorama view, consisting of four canvases, can be read as a timeline of the shifts in light.

The sense of repetition goes through the whole process, from the physical act of painting to the visual expression of the painting.


Through the assemblage of the found materials together with other techniques, Frederico creates reimagined fragments of physical and mental spaces that impart ambiguous narratives.

The process of creation starts with the collection of materials which happens in a synchronistic way selecting what corresponds with current ideias and states of mind. Sometimes the objects are modified and others they are kept intact as finished pieces or as elements of a bigger picture. The concept of ready made is deeply involved in a sense that one projects his ideas to the material world as if had found a finished painting or sculpture. While composing them together, the assemblage happens in a puzzle-like way and develops in a fluid manner advancing beyond the starting idea. Both the materials collected and the assemblages have a heavy connection to urban environments, specially ones of decay and deterioration.

The exploring playfulness during the assemblage reflects a process of discovery that is correlated with the concepts of personal development and metamorphosis of ideas.

Arrangör: Konsthögskolan
Kontaktperson: Robert Djärv
Evenemangstyp: Utställning
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